"Whenever a conscious Black woman raises her voice on issues central to her existence, somebody is going to call her strident, because they don’t want to hear about it, nor us. I refuse to be silenced and I refuse to be trivialized, even if I do not say what I have to say perfectly."

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"It takes much bravery to stand up to our enemies but we need as much bravery to stand up to our friends." - J.K. Rowling

"There is only one hell, the one we live in now."

Game of Thrones Season 4

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probably /the/ best shoutout video I’ve ever seen I mean look at pharrell’s face in the second gif it’s like he knows about every single word that gd has said about him

he knows

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The cast of Matilda reenacted the Bruce Bogtrotter cake scene for the movies 17th anniversary [x]

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I feel like Susan was the only one asking the real fucking questions

She pretty much plays the same exact character on Reign

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